FLeD Project: Inspiring Quality, Sustainability and Inclusiveness 

by | Jan 2, 2024

Since the beginning of the FLeD project, in WP1 (Management) we have been dedicated to establishing a common understanding to ensure the quality and consistency in the performance and ethical principles of the consortium. To achieve this, we have developed a ‘Better if Handbook’ containing guiding principles for the consortium regarding sustainability, inclusion, gender equity, and ethics. These principles have been validated by 8 experts. The handbook has been translated into all consortium languages and made openly available for other projects and individuals in the UAB open repository.

Additionally, in our commitment to maintaining a high level of quality within the project, the UAB, in collaboration with Uni Trento, created a Quality Assurance and Enhancement Plan within the first 6 months. It was inspired by the “Project Quality Framework” from the Handicap International Organisation. This plan outlines various dimensions related to sustainability, inclusion, collaboration, management, efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, and ethics. The plan has been validated by expert Esther Huertas, Advisory Board member and responsible for quality evaluation at the Agency per a la Qualitat Universitària.

We plan to conduct three self-assessment surveys throughout the project. The first survey has been completed, and we have gathered feedback from the consortium, highlighting many strengths and areas for improvement. We will continue to work towards ensuring a high-quality, sustainable, and inclusive project.